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Tas Powder Coating is a branded service of Delmade Pty Ltd.
We are located at Delmade, 7 Roxford Ave Westbury.

Abrasive Blasting.

Removes surface rust and contamination. Providing a clean substrate surface for the primer and then topcoat. Blast room is 5m wide x 5m high and 12m long.

Powder Coating.

Powder coating is a durable and long-lasting finish for ferrous metal products. Powder is typically applied electrostatically and then cured under heat. Powder coating results in a dense finish which can be more durable than conventional painting.

Zinc Powder Priming.

Protects the metal by improving the corrosion resistance.


Unlimited Possibilities.

Tas Powder Coating is a branded service of Delmade. Offering a complete finishing solution for ferrous metals. Boasting one of the largest ovens in Tasmania we pride ourselves on offering the complete solution. Including pick-up and delivery, abrasive blasting, zinc powder priming and quality top coating.

What we do.

Tas Powder Coating specialises in abrasive blasting, zinc powder priming and powder coating for ferrous metals. We are committed to maintaining high standards throughout our processes to ensure you will receive a durable and long-lasting finish every time.


Tas Powder Coating is proud of its stringent quality control. You can rest assured that a top quality finish will be provided every time.


We are proud to offer a pickup and delivery service throughout Northern Tasmania. With a fleet of vehicles available to transport your product.


Tas Powder Coating is proud to offer a huge range of colours as available from Dulux Powder Coating. Talk to our staff for swatch cards.


We appreciate your input. Our purpose is to provide an unbeatable finishing solution with great service every time.

What our Customers Say.

“Excellent service – always go out of their way to make sure a good prompt job is done, and the quality standard is great as well”

Tim Salter
Clear Springs


Are you working on a project that needs Powder Coating?

Talk to Tas Powder Coating. With advanced facilities and a commitment to quality work you can’t go wrong. Tas Powder Coating has a team that will be able to deliver on your needs.

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